Alpaca Meet & Mingle

Meet, greet and feed our charming Alpacas in a safe, outdoor environment.
You’re going to love them.

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Meet & Mingle FAQ’s


Who is it suitable for?

Our Meet and Mingle Alpaca Experience is suitable for all ages and those with special needs.


Are they good around children?

They are very good around young children and those with special needs, but like any animal, please keep young children from standing behind them. They can easily startle and they do not like to be approached from behind.  We would ask that you supervise your children/ vulnerable adults at all times. This experience is suitable for those in wheelchairs or that have mobility issues.


I have additional requirements, what should I do?

Please advise us if you are bringing anyone with special requirements so that we can ensure you all enjoy our alpaca experience.


How early should I arrive for my booking?

Please ensure that you arrive 10 minutes before your alpaca experience is due to begin, so that it can start on time. If you miss your alpaca experience start time, then this will invalidate your booking. We, along with the other guests, greatly appreciate your assistance with this.

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